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  1. Laurel

    How lucky, I see you found a baby dragon’s scale! Where ever did you find this one?

  2. k8

    is this what you found on the beach in big sur? it’s amazing! is it from the sea? it looks a jeweled broach from cartier or something.

  3. Tim

    When I grow up I will live in a field of these. The field will be surrounded by a fence with wood posts connected by strings of pearls. At the gate two sculptures stand guard. One, a towering, metallic, pink colored unicorn. The other, well, I can’t really describe it but I can see it. It’s really pretty and also towers.

  4. tee

    it looks like sushi fish eggs mixed with jolly ranchers…

  5. Karuna

    Dirty hands of an eccentric lifestyle! Congrats Evan.

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