Wrong Way

Tonight I suffered a most embarrassing moment which I must share with you.

I waltzed unawares into a women’s bathroom at work and got trapped in a stall while no less than five women, in succession, used the stall next to mine.

Were it in a public facility, I’d have cried out an apology and walked out – but no, there were executives in heels talking about Latin soccer players mere inches from me. There was even knocking on my stall door. There was me, making sniffle sounds, and toilet-paper-rumpling sounds, and all kinds of sounds to indicate that the stall was occupied, yet didn’t betray my man presence…

But I had composure. I waited, crouched like a cat. When the last woman left, I dashed out, swiping paper towel on my way.

Sweaty doesn’t begin to describe my palms.

It was like from a movie.

ALWAYS check the sign.


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One response to “Wrong Way

  1. Kate

    ha! this is so funny. i’m glad you got to tell me this in person and now i get to relive it. ha! ha!

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