About Me

I am an artist, naturalist and educator residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. This blog is my means of sharing my paintings, photographs and occasional musings. As such, it’s a motley collection. While most of my postings are biologically-related, this blog isn’t constrained to any theme. It’s not designed to further any opinion or ambition other than to share with friends the spinoffs of an eccentric mind and watchful eye.

To view my primary website, visit evanbarbour.com

The comments you leave are priceless to me. I make these things to share with you. Please share alike your thoughts, art or bank heist plans. Like a jack rabbit, I’m all ears.

And please consider subscribing to my blog or else checking back here soon.

Evan Barbour


4 responses to “About Me

  1. Dale Eastman

    love, love, love the work: the immediacy, the mythic quality, the luscious/poignant detail. We too easily forget to look around, to realize what we’re part of. Hooray for artists who draw our eye in unexpected ways!!

  2. Evan, I really enjoyed meeting you, and seeing your work at Mills this weekend. It’s powerful, and important. I love my octopod prints! I will follow your career with interest.

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